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Wax Stamps with Initials

Frame your seal

Wax Stamps with Initials

Frame your seal

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Wax stamps with initials

At Marmarina we have all kinds of sealing stamps for offer you. All of them are designed to cause an impact of innovation and personal touch that make the letter or envelope that you want to decorate into something memorable. These initial wax seals are perfect for events like a wedding. You can decorate your wedding invitation envelopes with your initials and from the first moment cause a sensation among your guests. Thus, demonstrating your personal and dedicated design.

Wax seal with letters

If you are looking for a very elegant finish, these stamps will surprise you. They are a fantastic choice to decorate all kinds of themed events and also guarantee very high-quality satisfaction and durability. In our studio, we prepare all our products with a very loving approach, always putting ourselves in the place of our client. Whether for weddings or other types of events, these initial wax seals are a great alternative.

What is the price of initial wax seals?

When you buy our initial wax seals, you get a final estimate of the cost. But you can also consult us in advance without obligation if you contact us. We will assist you very kindly and solve all your doubts. We also have wax stamps with names and sealing wax stamps with date. But if none of them convince you, you can create your own custom wax seal.

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