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Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Customize it to your liking

Wax stamps

Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Customize it to your liking

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Wax Stamps

We put at your disposal wax stamps for wedding invitations . Your wedding day is one of the most important in your life, so we want to help you so that you can make that wedding a magical day and that you never forget you or your guests.
The day of your wedding is full of small details, and it is essential that you take care of all, with the wax seals you will give a touch of distinction and exclusivity that all your guests will perceive.

You can use the wax seal to close the envelopes of your wedding invitations and in this way give them a totally personalized touch. It can also be the clasp with which you give gifts to your guests or customize the menu of your wedding .

Why a Wax Seal?

The sealing wax stamps give a touch of differentiation to the accompanying element, they began to be used in the Middle Ages by monarchs and royal courts. The sealing wax is a solid paste made from a mixture of natural resins and waxes. Our wax seal is made of natural ash wood and brass.
We know that each love story is different, that is why we offer you different collections of wax stamps so that you can choose the one that best suits the style of your banquet.

At Marmarina we love to create, design, innovate, that's why we want to help you with all the accessories of your link so that they keep a harmony between them and get your guests to remember the day of Your wedding as an endearing, attractive and unforgettable day.
We understand that your wedding day is the most important of your life and that you want to have everything well-prepared, that is why we treat your request in a totally personalized way to help you to achieve a unique result with your loved ones.

What types of wax seals do we have?

We have wax stamps with initials , wax seals with names, sealing wax stamps with date, sealing wax stamps with flowers and all kinds of unique stamps. You can choose a thematic sealing stamp, dogs and cats sealing stamps, personalized wax stamps and animal wax stamps.

We advise you on the ideal typography to use in your prints, the colors that most favor and guide you so that you use the seal in an optimal way, ensuring that they remain over time as the first day.

Also, with purchases over € 75, shipping costs are free.

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