Stamp accessories for wedding invitations

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Stamp accessories for wedding invitations

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At Marmarina we have accessories for wedding stamps so that you can give the most personalized touch to the gifts for your guests at the wedding.

We know that it is the most important day of your life and that all the details count, that's why we put at your disposal three accessories that will help you mark the style of your wedding day.

What Stamp Accessories do we have?

  • String: Our string is made in Germany with 100% cotton, it is fine and very elegant, the perfect complement to wrap your gifts in a very subtle way. You can also use it to hang, phrases, labels, the name of the guests. Discover our different collections of cords according to your taste and the rest of the details we help you find the color that best suits your union.
  • Premium Ink: They are the most exclusive and differentiating inks, from Stazon, the brand that we recommend for their quality. Ideal for stamping that message that you want to be preserved over the years like the first day. It can be used on all types of surfaces such as paper, wood, fabric, metal, aluminum, acrylic, plastic, aluminum foil, leather or glass. The perfect ink so that your wedding stamps have the quality that your wedding deserves. We have different shades and ranges of colors.
  • Labels: Pack of 25 labels so you can personalize them with your rubber stamp, use them to wrap gifts, or include a personal message to surprise each of your loved ones. Created with the highest quality Italian paper. We have different shades of labels so that you can find the one that best suits your banquet

Stamp Accessories at the Best Price

Every love story is different, that's why at Marmarina we advise you to choose the best accessories for your wedding stamps. We help you take care of the details of your big day, so that the final set has a harmony and balance that generates magic in the senses and a great memory in your guests.

We love to create, imagine, we put passion working for each wedding because we like challenges and see the face of customer satisfaction, when the only protagonists of the day The most important things in their lives are them, their loved ones, and their smiles.

Also, with purchases over € 75, shipping costs are free.

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