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Calligraphy stamps

Rubber Stamps with Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations

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Rubber Stamps with Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations

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Wedding Calligraphic Rubber Stamps

Choosing a typeface for our letters, postcards, invitations ... was always a very tedious and difficult task to choose. That is why we bring you a lot of possibilities with our calligraphy rubber stamps that will undoubtedly help you find and frame the style you are looking for in your envelopes.

These calligraphy stamps are very elegant and also have a variety of simple finishes that will give the artistic extra that the closure of your envelope needs. There is no better way than to close your wedding invitation than with the initials of your partner with a simple and attractive typography or, accompanied by a calligraphy that engraves your names in an original way. As if you had written it yourself by hand.

Our wedding calligraphy stamps are ideal because they have a lot of variations that you can customize. Don't miss out on our products and check out the different customization options we offer you.

Wedding Typographic Stamps

The most elegant and attractive calligraphy you can find. If you do not want to spoil the design of your wedding envelope with colors or patterns, and you like to fill the envelopes with a clean and successful design, this type of calligraphy stamp is what you are looking for. From Marmarina we work very hard to pledge the affection that you yourself would give to each of our products in order to make them unique. Our intention is to make you see that all those you invite are important, and they are still just another detail for the moment of your wedding celebration.

Our rubber letterpress stamps fit many types of envelopes and invitations, but they really look great for keeping our envelope design cleaner. You can find the envelope you like the most in our original wedding envelopes catalog.

If you are looking for more types of stamps that are not rubber, you can find our wax seals which are great for any type of envelope.

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