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Stamps for Wedding Invitations and Envelopes

Customize your day


Stamps for Wedding Invitations and Envelopes

Customize your day

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The best wedding stamps

At Marmarina we have the best selection of wedding stamps so that you can choose the one that best suits your type of envelope. Whether closing or ink, we provide many different types of wedding stamps that will give the necessary touch to your invitation to finish surprising your guests. Choose between the type of closure or the shape of your drawing, add your name or even the name of your guests to give them one by one. Endless possibilities in our wedding envelope stamps

We guarantee the best quality in our products thanks to the materials and our printing equipment. The different elements establish an artistic sense to help our wedding invitation stamps be of the best possible quality.

Wedding stamp price

If you are looking for a wedding stamp, we have the solution, and that is because we promise to create them with the utmost care and dedication possible, worthy of the special moment that you are about to have. Choose the wedding stamp that you like the most and decorate it however you want at a price that guarantees the quality of our best products. Our original wedding stamps are designed to adapt to each type of event of any theme. Consult our catalog to choose the most attractive one for you.

Buy the wedding stamp design that you want and if you have any questions, contact us. Choose between wax stamps, rubber stamps and stamp accessories for a memorable moment.

Stamps for your wedding.

Choose the size, finish and customize the text as you want. You choose how to adapt the wedding stamps you choose. The type of ink will not spoil the finish of our invitations and the envelope will not be transparent either. We take care of every detail as much as you would.

Find the type of envelope for wedding invitations that best suits your stamp and take a look at our online designs.