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Wedding Place Markers

Personalized and unique details

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Surprise your guests with the most original wedding brands for your wedding day. Your great moment deserves to take care of all the details. Choose a personalized wedding bookmark with personal designs and made entirely by hand that will help you surprise your guests in the most elegant, sophisticated and pleasant way possible. Before buying wedding venues you can make a prior consultation with us to arrange a budget. Without obligation!

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In our online catalog we offer all kinds of wedding place markerswith the best possible material. We put at your disposal a series of bookmarks that are designed by our design team to guarantee the utmost importance down to the smallest of details. We put ourselves in the shoes of our partners, turning each event into something unique and personal

You will be able to choose different types of place markers, from markers with names, marble markers, lettermarks, methacrylate markers and, finally, markers with shells.

These place markers are an ideal option to decorate your big day. You can choose the design and type that you like the most and also add your most personal touch to always surprise your guests. The banquet you prepare will be ideal and will be the opening of a great night that will be unforgettable.