Invitaciones de boda personalizadas

Personalized Wedding Invitations

Each new project is a call to explore new territories with quality, exclusivity and dedication as a guide throughout the entire process of creating our invitations.

Unique designs, with their own identity, that reflect one hundred percent of the bride and groom's personality. Different, cared for and quality materials, such as craft papers, fabrics, wood, take shape until creating what will be the cover letter for a very special day.

Do you want to download a quote for personalized wedding invitations? Here we leave you all the necessary information.


Analysis and idea

Knowing how you are and what you want to convey with your invitations is the first step in the creation process.

From this point on, the first ideas and their gestation phase begin to be generated.

Hacemos dibujos para tus invitaciones de boda
Invitaciones de boda personalizadas

Inspired by the “toile de jouy”, a cotton fabric printed with monochromatic designs, which represent calm and evocative country scenes, we began to make different hand-drawn sketches of what would be one of the main scenes of the wedding, the place of the ceremony.


Deciding the support in which the invitations will be made, as well as the color range and other materials that will intervene in the design is essential.

Following the classic and elegant line of the "Toile de Jouy", we chose a 300 g laid paper. high quality acid free, a chromatic range of blues, combining prussia and ultramarine blue and as a technique watercolor.

Invitaciones de boda personalizadas
Invitaciones de boda personalizadas

Once the illustrations have been defined, they will be made in detail and the work in watercolor begins.

Once the watercolor illustrations have been made, they are digitized and layout, creating all the elements that make up the invitation.

In this project, to continue with that traditional line marked by the "Toile de Jouy", all the texts are calligraphed by hand with exquisite precision in ink and nib and with a decorated English Cursive style typeface.

Invitaciones de boda personalizadas


We put at your disposal personalized wedding invitations because we know that the day of your wedding is unique and you want to surprise your guests from the beginning, that is why at Marmarina we create custom wedding invitations.

In the preparations for a wedding, it is so important to be clear about what dress you want to wear on the big day, such as the wedding invitations that you are going to send to your loved ones, since it is the first thing they will see of the future link. In addition, the invitations will mark the style of your union. Accompanying the invitation are other details that help you make a difference, such as the envelope that contains it and the wedding seal that adds that touch of elegance to the closure of the envelope.

At Marmarina we want your invitation to be unrepeatable and different from all the others, we create exclusive designs that mark your identity and that of your wedding. We work on cared and quality materials, such as craft papers, fabrics, woods ... we are shaping them according to your indications and our experience to create the presentation letter of your alliance. We follow some guidelines in the creation process:

Analysis and Idea: We talk with you, we need to know how you are, what you want to transfer with your invitations. From here we begin to generate different ideas that fit with your request.

Sketching: Inspired by the “toile de jouy”, a cotton fabric printed with monochrome designs, we began to make different hand-drawn sketches of what would be one of the main scenes of the wedding, the place of the ceremony.

Materials and Tonalities: At this point we decide the support in which the invitations will be made and all the materials that will be necessary in the process. It is also the time to choose the color gamut.

Watercolor and Calligraphy: Once the illustrations, color range and materials have been decided, the work in watercolor begins. When we have made the illustrations in watercolor it is time to digitize and layout.

In Marmarina, to continue with the classic line of the “Toile de Jouy”, all the texts are calligraphed by hand with millimeter precision in ink and nib. The typeface used is decorated in English Italic style.

We love challenges, creativity, carrying out your idea, making a difference, contributing to making your wedding day invitation unique and unrepeatable and transmitting the magic of your love story.

Get in touch with us and we will advise you.

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