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Hangers for weddings

No detail left out


Hangers for weddings

No detail left out

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The Best Wedding Hangers

We present you the wedding hangers to take care of the suits and dresses of all the guests on your big day.

You have spent months looking for the most appropriate dress for your wedding, comparing in different shops, reading magazines, asking your friends about the outfit for such an important date. Your wedding day is a day of joy, revelry, fun, where the party and good humour will be the protagonists.

With the beginning of the banquet people usually take off their jackets, morning coat or the garment you have chosen, we offer you our hangers to surprise your guests and loved ones, so that the bride, the groom, the groomsmen, the father of the bride, the mother of the groom have their own wedding hanger. Ideal to be more comfortable and to keep their dresses that they have worked so hard to find in a safe place, this way you avoid wrinkles and possible stains from wine, food or alcohol.

At Marmarina we think about all the details of a unique day, that's why these wedding hangers are ideal to mark a differentiating point in your celebration, we can make you a personalised hanger with the name of each guest, this way you will always be in their memory.

Enhance your Wedding Experience with Wedding Hangers for Bridal Dresses

These wedding hangers will look beautiful in your photos and help you to preserve the integrity of your wedding gowns. Also, if you have chosen to rent the dress, it is a guarantee that nothing will happen to it and you will be able to enjoy the party leaving your dress in the right place. This way, tomorrow you will be able to show your loved ones not only the wedding photos, but also keep the suit and feel that tickle in your stomach when you see the wedding hangers.

For the best man, the godmother, the witnesses and in general all the guests it is an advantage that you put at their disposal a wedding hanger with their name on it so that their clothes don't get lost and they can enjoy the party without worrying about stains or what to do with the suit if the party goes on for hours.

All kinds of Wedding Hangers for Him and Her

At Marmarina we offer you wedding hangers so that you can make a difference and thrill your guests. Find white wedding hangers and black wedding hangers and choose from all our designs the one you like the most. We also have other more defined styles such as our wooden wedding hangers which are very elegant due to their unique design and finish. If you are not convinced by any of these alternatives you can always find personalised hangers that, at your discretion, and with your personal touch, can become the perfect detail.

Our hangers are born from our team's passion for creativity, good taste for details and a curious eye that has given rise to all kinds of designs from the simplest and most classic to the most sophisticated and personalised.

What's more, with purchases over 50€, shipping is free.

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