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Lined Envelopes for Wedding Invitations

Custom Designs

Lined envelopes

Lined Envelopes for Wedding Invitations

Custom Designs

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Buy Wedding Lined Envelopes

We present envelopes with original lining so you can surprise your guests. We know that a wedding is full of small details and that the sum of all of them make a difference.

With your wedding invitations, you inform your friends and loved ones of all the details of the event, it is the first occasion to surprise them and distinguish yourself. In the invitations you will include the most important data of the link, you will refer to the day of the union, the time, the place where they should go for the ceremony and treat, it is also useful that you add other information such as table number of each guest, a map so that they can easily reach the place, a dress code, wedding stamp or some detail that differentiates you and marks the style of the event.

That is why the envelopes you choose to send your invitations are probably the most distinguished and elegant envelopes that you will have to choose in your life. It is essential that the envelopes you choose to represent the personality of the couple and mark the style that will be lived on the wedding day.

The Best Lined Envelopes 

At Marmarina we offer you very original lined envelopes, so you can amaze all the guests at the link. We take care of each line, each sheet of the envelope to give them a unique touch, all our designs are exclusive. They are made from heavyweight Italian paper.

The lined envelopes are a detail that will give a unique and special touch to your wedding invitations . They are the perfect complement to your invitation to the alliance that you are going to contract.

We know that each love story is different, so we offer you different models of lined envelopes so that you can choose a model that adapts to the rest of the style of elements. That your guests are going to meet on the wedding day.

Wedding Envelopes with Lining at Marmarina

We love creativity and helping you surprise all your loved ones. Get in touch with us and we will advise you to choose a lined envelope that matches the invitation you are going to send.

Also, with purchases over € 50, shipping costs are free.

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