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Format C5

Marmarina Envelopes in C5 Format

Custom designs

Marmarina Envelopes in C5 Format

Custom designs

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C5 Format Wedding Envelopes

From Marmarina we bring you all the wedding envelope formats you need so that your invitations and accessories have no problem in making a perfect invitation set for each of your guests. Our c5 envelopes have an ideal format for those who need their wedding invitation

Our C5-format envelopes are made of excellent quality and also provide opportunities for our couples to make the letters that will start the big day what awaits you. We always think of you and for this reason we want to offer you enough variety to satisfy your needs.

How to know the appropriate measurements for my envelope

Our envelopes feature an original design handcrafted by our printing and design team. All of them are part of a set that polishes even the smallest of details to guarantee you an unparalleled user and customer experience. We want your event to be the protagonist and unique, we want to feel your feeling just like you.

Measuring up to 22.9 x 16.2 cm, our measures about c5 adapt to any type of composition to facilitate configuration and customization of your wedding invitations. Find the c5 envelope for your invitation that you are looking for and make sure you have as much detail as possible ideal for your invitations.

If you are still not satisfied with the options offered by our envelopes with a variety of c5 dimensions, you can also use the American measures that we have. Or you can also check our catalog of B6-format envelopes in case you need an exact size. 

We offer you a great variety of original envelopes that you They allow you to properly choose the dimension, shape and size you need for any invitation model.

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