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Original Maramarina Envelopes

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Marmarina Envelopes

Original Maramarina Envelopes

Marmarina Designs

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If you are looking for original envelopes for the day of your wedding you are on the appropriate page. We know that such a special day is full of small details and it is essential to take care of them all to surprise your guests.

Your wedding invitations will be the first information that your friends and family will have about all the details of the wedding, it is the first occasion for you to prints with the shapes and style that will be found on the day of your union. The invitations will include the fundamental data of your day, such as the place where it is held, the time, you can include a table number , including a map so that they can find their bearings and make it easier for them to get to the venue.

The envelope you choose to contain the invitation is one of the most important choices since they will be your cover letter for family and friends. You can decorate the envelope with an sticker or an wedding stamp that goes in harmony with the personality of the rest of the wedding decorative elements.

At Marmarina we are aware that each love story is different, that is why we offer you different envelopes depending on the history of each couple and their personality. Our self-designed envelopes will give an elegant and special touch to your wedding invitations . They are the best addition to give the invitations personality and distinction.

Depending on the style you want for your ceremony, we have for you envelopes with greater sobriety, peak finishes, different textures. All envelopes are made with heavyweight Italian paper so that the invitation is protected and has a magical presentation.

We love creativity, design and above all that you surprise and make your guests smile, that's why from Marmarina we help you with the choice of the envelope so that keep the balance with the rest of the elements and accessories that you have chosen for your wedding day.

Also, with purchases over € 50, shipping costs are free.

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