Rose Gold Wax Sticks (Pack of 5)
Rose Gold Wax Sticks (Pack of 5)
Rose Gold Wax Sticks (Pack of 5)


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The rose gold sealing bars mix a soft gold color with pink hues and a metallic finish. They result in a palette of pink tones and coppery sparkles that will turn your wax seal into a unique piece.

Sold in pack of 5 bars (40 uses approximately).

It is necessary to have a sealing gun.

What makes the difference and makes them unique:

- Flexible formula so that the sealing wax seals do not break or fracture during shipping.

- High viscosity that improves workability to create stamps with a defined edge.

- Non-greasy formula that prevents the absorption of the sealing wax, leaving the paper without stains.


Do you want to add the special gun to apply the sealing wax sticks? It is similar to the glue or silicone stick guns. With it, you will find it very easy to apply the wax sticks.



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Additional information

10 x 1.2 cm


8 seals per bar approximately

(it will depend on the diameter of the stamp and the amount applied)

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